Willing Hearts

Sunday, January 2nd, was the first Sunday of 2022. The Lord is so faithful to us at Harbor Lights. I had asked Him early in the week before to encounter us freshly. He is a good , good Father Who answers us when we wait upon Him.

Sunday morning during the worship service, the Holy Spirit moved upon me to see what God was doing among us. I want to preface this as God revealed it to me. As a parent, I am aware that it is much easier to parent a child who is compliant than one who resistant. It is so with our Heavenly Father also. He loves us immensely and desires us to respond to His love willingly.

I saw Jesus as He stood in front of each person. He asked permission (an act of your will) to put His hand in your heart. To those who were willing, He removed pieces of puzzles that were not to be there. Some of these looked as if they had been jammed in there, but were not the right shape. They were dark colored pieces. In their place He inserted correct pieces. These pieces were bright and properly shaped. These pieces were His virtue. They were formed into the right hole by His hands.

Upon seeing this, I knew that it was up to each one of us to choose whether or not we would allow the process. I knew it would take trust in God to do this intimate work. I realized that for some it may take longer than others to allow God’s process to be completed.

I pray that we will all be like those compliant children, allowing our Father to parent us easily through this process. I pray His kingdom come His will be done in each of us for His great glory!