Walking with Jesus

Walking with Jesus is something we do as believers. We are at His side, He is at ours. As I pondered this thought, I became aware of the various ways we can walk alongside a person. Here are a few.

Being next to someone does not necessarily mean close. I can be swinging my arm with them at a full arm’s length. I can be walking next to them not touching at all. I can be leaving an invisible space but be going in the same direction. On the other hand, I could be holding hands with an affectionate grasp. I could be nuzzled in close linked arm in arm.

The choice is ours as to how close we want to hold Jesus to ourselves. Do we desire the close affectionate place where we literally sense His breath, or do we desire space between us, though we are going in the same direction?

As for me today, I desire to walk closely arm in arm alongside my Lover and King. I choose to walk closely knowing His movements and following accordingly.

Maureen Haberstro