Turning of Age

Turning of Age
Every year as the date changes, we find ourselves writing, typing and reading the new month and year.
It sometimes requires a little crossing out or writing over, until we get it down to the new pattern. This
year the new number for the year is 2021. We have already adjusted to writing the new decade; it’s the
21 that is the new number.
In America, the number 21 has significance for adulthood. It is this age that we are considered to be
capable of decisions that define our future, our destiny. People consider career paths, life direction, and
even search for people who will be along the journey with them. It seems that 21 is the time when we
take hold of responsibility for our lives.
The natural is often the thing that causes me to think of the spiritual realities. As we are coming into
2021, my thoughts lead to asking myself about maturity. Could it be that we are coming into the time
when we are growing up in God? Could it be that this season will require us to make decisions that
define our future? Are we in the time that Holiness is requiring us to walk in a new deeper relationship
with Jesus? Are we crossing out the old ways to replace them with the new?
As 2021 unfolds, I am assured that we are on a new adventure that we have never pursued before. Let
us then grow into maturity worthy of the calling of Jesus Christ in our lives. Let us all “ come of age”
taking personal responsibility for our walk with Jesus unto Holiness.

Maureen Haberstro