As we are learning how to transition into the new season, there are some things that seem to stand out. Leaves change color letting us notice that things are changing and we are headed into colder weather. Spiritually too, things stand out to let us know that the seasons are changing. We are headed into a new time of preparing for the days that lie ahead.

Preparation involves intentional effort. I find myself praying more often, reading the Word more, worshipping with intensity, as I seek to hear God more clearly. The waiting on Him is essential for the revelation of His Spirit.

His grace is so available, His Presence so tangible. I am challenged to abide in Him as the days unfold listening closely for the sound of His voice to me. Today, salvation is at hand. Today His grace is sufficient for me. Today His Word does not go out without accomplishing what it ought toward me. Today He is completing the good work that He began in me. Today His Word is alive.

Are we all preparing for the day of His return?

Isaiah 55:6 “Seek the Lord while He makes Himself approachable; call upon Him when you sense He is near. “