Recently I have been thinking about how quickly time unfolds.

Spring becomes summer, summer becomes autumn and soon winter is on the doorstep.

Even in the life cycle, the pace quickly unfolds: Babies become toddlers. They quickly develop into the next size clothes or shoes. Soon they are ready for their next adventure of walking, or talking. Children don’t stop growing to let you get used to the stage they are in; they simply keep on moving forward to the next thing. Before you know it, they are adults ready for life on their own. Then of course, the cycle repeats.

It appears to me that our spiritual life goes by quickly also. All too often we neglect to realize that years have gone by and we are at the same place that we were in several years before. This prods me to question my own life development. God often uses the natural things to emphasize the spiritual things. There are things in life that I learned by intentional study. There are other things that I learned spontaneously in the unfolding of events through time.

So the questions to ask myself are:

Am I meandering along or taking an active role in my maturing process? Has something stalled, has my momentum slowed, or perhaps stopped completely? Am I growing at the pace that I should be? Am I intentionally studying the Word to apply it to my life? Am I allowing the natural events that come my way to grow me up in God?

The answer to these questions can help mature me into becoming the son or daughter that God desires me to be.