Thanksgiving is one of the largest holidays for travel in our nation. Many travel from one side of the nation to the other to share a special dinner with family. It is time set aside for us in the USA to be thankful …for our nation, for our families, for our health, for blessings of abundance and grace.

However, for many, there are losses of loved ones; there are memories gone by that are sweet sorrow. For some, there is a reminder of lack, due to sickness or job loss. For some there is loneliness as they face the future without family. But we still celebrate pressing into being thankful.

All in all, our hearts are challenged to be thankful. Our thankfulness must stem from God and rise up to God. God is He Who loves unconditionally and eternally. His love never ends and never fails. For this we are ever thankful.

This month as we celebrate thanksgiving as a holiday, let us celebrate He Who deserves to be thanked because He never leaves us and He never stops loving us.

Maureen Haberstro