Spring Challenge

New life is often associated with spring time. We look around and see green grass. We feel the rain. We experience warmer temperatures. We are happy to be out of the previous season of winter, cold and snow.

New life also brings new areas of responsibility. It brings with it inherent in the newness things to be tended. We now need to clean up flower beds cluttered with fall and winter debris. We can see what roots were exposed from the wind. The mulch has slipped away with the rain streams. The dirt requires raking and resurfacing.

So this question comes to my mind: What are my responsibilities in the new season for me to tend my heart? What needs looking after? What needs to be picked up again for refreshing my inner man? Spring time is refreshing and I desire the fullness of it. So my challenge is to follow through with the new, as I walk through spring. Will you take this challenge with me?