Season of Rain by M. Haberstro

We all know the saying “April showers bring May flowers”.  As the daffodils, tulips and hyacinths bloom, they remind us of the beauty of nature. We look forward to springtime blooms and green grass. It serves to refresh us for the new season we are entering into. The rain precedes the flowers.

In the same way, God’s refreshing methods prepare us for the season that we are entering into. This time of social isolation can be used to equip us for the fruitfulness of the things ahead. Could it be that the rains of now are meant to bring the brightness  of His nature in us in the days not yet seen?

This time of pressing into Him by reading the Word of God, praying, worshipping, taking communion can strengthen us for what is just around the corner. As we work, as we homeschool our young ones, as we spend time with those we live with closely, we are being formed into the new planting of the Lord. As we focus and wait in His Presence in the moments of our thoughts, He is indeed forming and fashioning His bride. He is making something beautiful to be admired and noticed by the passerby.

The rain is necessary for the process to be formed. The rain washes, refreshes, hydrates and brings growth. Let His rain have it’s way in you because the blooms are on the way!