Our Life Source

We move into March with joy and faithfulness in knowing that we will flourish because the I AM will supply all of our needs. Throughout the Bible the Lord speaks to us about trusting in Him for all that we need. Many times when speaking about this we refer to the scripture verse about the Lord clothing the lilies of the valley and watching over & feeding the birds. But did you ever think about the life giving power that is in the River of God that flows from His heavenly throne?

In the River of God, there is no dead thing, there is no lack, there is no fear. When we move into the River of God, we can receive all that the Lord has for us, not only spiritually, but physically and financially. God is the life source and His River flows right from Him! When we choose to step into His River, we choose to step into His resources and into Him. Because in Him we live and move and have our being, Acts 17:28. I for one want to live and receive directly from the Source of life, do you?