We are living in a day in which distinguishable noises are being replaced by other distinguishable noises. The phone “ring, ring” is replaced by a buzz or a snippet of song or some other electronic tone. Music is using electronic sound whereas before it was produced by strings or flat surfaces that were strummed or tapped.  Televisions and phones have sounds that are realistic. Newer appliances and devices have computerized sounds that alert the user.

There is always some available noise option to fill the empty sound space around us. For example, while riding on a bus people wear head sets listening to music or perhaps lectures. Waiting rooms are filled with television programs, or people on phones, playing games or communicating some important information. It is not unusual to see someone walking or jogging alone with a headset on. We seem to desire to fill the quiet space with something….almost as if there is something lacking in quiet listening.  

The question that this brings to my mind is this: Do I take the time to listen to myself think? Have I grown so accustomed to the sounds of earth that they have totally blocked the sound of heaven? Do I make room for the Holy Spirit to speak to me regularly? Have I filled every moment with noises to the point of blockage from the important sounds that I need to hear every day?

Noise: Let the sounds of heaven be heard, in the inner man and the world around me!