No New Normal Only God’s Normal!

“No New normal only Gods Normal!”
– Gerard Haberstro, ICPL Ambassador. Grand Island , New York.

I hear in my spirit there will not be a new normal,
I call it a New Era, the Era of my Spirit.
There will not be a going back to the old ways,
There will be a moving into my normal says the Lord.

The normal of the Spirit of Life.
What the world calls normal is abnormal to my kingdom.

The world says isolate I say press in,
The world says you must embrace lack, I say abundance
The World says striping, I say equipping.
The world says tear down, I say build up.

There will be a great arising of my people, a arising unto my highway of holiness. A highway less traveled.

An arising out of slumber.
An arising out of mixture.
An arising out of double mindedness,

In this hour I have brought my people into the solitude place.

The place of face to face.
The place of beholding.
The place of imparting.
The place of hearing my whisper,
The place of sons and daughters flourishing in my kingdom.

In this season of solitude, I will redirect and redefine your normal, into my normal. Redirecting you into the narrow gate, the way that leads, that leads to the fulfillment of my promises to you.
In the narrow place will be the leaving behind of all that hinders, all the external props. Props that hinder your ability to run with me.

Did I not lead David in to his cave of Abdulim.
Did he not say “ I will seek My God until I know what my God will do for me.”
Did I not bring those who were in debt, distressed and discouraged.
Did they not emerge from isolation as My mighty men.
Did not David choose to to become the captain of many.
It’s in this place that the unity of hearts emerges.
Hearts unified in singleness and focus.
Hearts that blend together to become my great army.
Hearts that fall into my rank and order.

It’s in this place that many new leaders will emerge.
Leaders who know my ways, who know my heart.
Who follow undividedly the Spirt of Life.
For I have heard the growing of the earth, crying for the Son and Daughter’s to arise. Did I not call my children to ascend my hill with clean hands and a pure heart, ascending into the throne room of grace.

In this season you will learn to grow in my grace until you become full of grace, full of My glory. It is in this place of full of grace, that the world will see and hear of the might things there God dose for them.

Mighty power, mighty provision, mighty peace, mighty love.
They long to see, and I will show them.
For I say to you there will be my normal for my bride,

The same normal as yesterday, today, and forever.
I Am is still I Am say’s the Lord.
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