New Resolve

As we head into the new year, many of us are making resolutions to be healthier, spend less money, or dedicate more time to a good cause. I wonder though, how many of us, as Christians, have seriously decided to make (and keep) a resolution about our walk with Christ and His Bride? Have you?

If we really want to see change in our lives, we should be pressing in to God. We already know in our heads that He is the real change-maker, but are you letting Him change your heart? He’s the One who moves mountains, calms the storms, heals diseases, and rules a Kingdom that we have only just begun to see! He can do anything, because nothing is impossible in Him!

Maybe you’re struggling with someone at work, have you prayed for them? Have you asked God to show you how He sees them? Maybe you’re having a hard time breaking through in your finances. Have you asked God to be your provider? Will you trust Him? Or you might be trying to go deeper in your walk with Him. Have you let Him in beyond your walls and past your comfort zone? Have you been real with Him?

Not only are we called to walk with Jesus, but we are also called to walk with each other, His Bride. We all have a unique gift given to us and sometimes we have the very thing our brother or sister needs. Have you asked the Lord what He has given you and how you can share it?  Let this year be the year you can receive His love and give it away.