New Beginnings

The month of August is the eighth month of the year. The number eight generally signifies new beginnings. I would like  to reflect briefly on some new beginnings that we are experiencing.
At this time of year I am starting to harvest some things from my garden. This encourages me to try new herbs, new combinations and expand my palate with new recipes with new tastes. New beginnings are somewhat like that. Something comes along that is somewhat different,  or even totally different than you have experienced thus far in life. It’s at this point that we make choices that effect our going forward.
I can decide to stick with the things I already know, or I can choose to try new things. I can choose to be a little bold and change the way I do routine things. I can make the same tried and true recipes or be more creative and try a new dish.
In the season of new beginnings, we are aware that the potential to change is upon us. We can do so with grace (the help of Holy Spirit) or we can just choose to keep going the same old way with the same outcomes. The choice is totally ours.
So, are you ready to be bold and move with grace into the days ahead? Are you aware that you are in a timeframe where change is all around, perhaps even within you? Are you willing to wait on God so He can change you with His grace? Do you want to try new things? Ask God to show you new revelations. Like a new recipe, you may like what He shows you. Ask Him to help you be aware of the changes He wants to bring to refresh you. Be bold and try.  Welcome to new beginnings! Let the manifest Presence of God enter into us bringing the new!