Mountains before Us

Along life’s journey there are mountains to be climbed and mountains to remove. The most important thing is knowing the difference.

When I climb a mountain that is a large object in my way distorting my life view, I find disappointment and defeat. I find myself falling down without the supports that uphold me. I find the long trek unbearable, very painful. I finally curse it to be gone and realize that that is what I needed to do all along.

When I climb a mountain that leads to somewhere in an upward journey, I find strength. I discover a stripping away of the unnecessary things, only to embrace a new perspective. There is equipping that helps me endure the incline. There is fresh air to invigorate me for the way to the top. I discover a new side of God’s face.

As we face mountains of sickness, of lack, of relational tension, of inner change, are we asking God how to manage these mountains? Is this mountain before me to lead me to get closer to God, or is it to exercise my authority in Christ? The answer is found in knowing the Father, the Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus paid the price so we could have access to Father. He left the Holy Spirit when He returned to Father so we would not be alone. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of wisdom. We just need to ask Him. Are you asking?