Let God Arise

“Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered”. I have heard this spoken often. I have said it often in prayer for difficult circumstances. I have even declared it over my home when it seemed that the odds were against me. 

Today I say it to myself. My own heart is needing to trust God for more. This new era that we have entered into is going to require more of the Risen God upon my heart. I must allow Him to be the King of my heart Who rules and reigns with righteousness in me. I must transition to let Him be totally in charge of my life on every level.

His enemies and mine are those that oppose total submission to Him at any given moment in time. His enemies must be mine too. Who are my enemies? Perhaps the most subtle things must be scattered from abiding in my heart: lack of love for the lost, complacencies, time wasters, ungodly attitudes, questionable character…They oppose the love that He is in and through me.

Lord let my heart be a place where You sit in authority and Kingship. Come abide in Your rightful place in me. Make Your enemies to be my enemies too. Arise in me that I might be a reflection of You to those around me.

Let God  arise…
Let His enemies be scattered…
Psalm 68:1

Maureen Haberstro