January Snow

January presents itself in cold wind, snow, and ice. The weather becomes the topic everywhere we go. Let us be determined to dwell on the uplifting side of January. Consider the way the snow looks, like diamonds when the sun shines on it. Listen to the joy and giggles of the children who play in the snow as they build snowmen and forts. It is amazing how skaters glide and jump on their ice skates that remain certain under their feet. Snow reminds us of the purity of God as it covers the ground.  In the same way the snow covers everything around us, His forgiveness covers all our sin when we ask. The cold reminds us of the value of warm clothing and a home. The ice reminds us that even we can walk on water.

January – a reminder of new beginnings, freshness of forgiveness, overcoming odds, a new year ahead.

Thank you Father for January.