In Christ Alone

Throughout our lives we face many challenges, tough experiences, and difficult circumstances. Not one of us on this Earth is exempt from them. They play out differently in each of our lives and some might seem to have more hard times than others, but we all go through them.

In these moments, we can still find hope, even when the situation seems hopeless. How? We find our hope in Jesus Christ. He is the lifter up of our heads. He is the light in the darkness, our salvation and rescuer. When everything fails, He is faithful to carry us.

So many times we get lost in the situation and focus on the negative, the ugly,  and the stressful parts of life. But today, I challenge you to take a moment and stop stressing, stop letting your emotions overwhelm you, and stop giving up on what you know is true. Ask Jesus where in this mess of a situation He is. He will never fail to show you, because He never leaves you alone. He’s always there to help you and bring you hope. He alone is the one who really can.