Holy Remembrance

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we celebrate Advent. The word Advent in Latin literally translates to ‘coming’. During this time, we as the Body of Christ are remembering the true meaning of Christmas, the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Not only do we focus on His miraculous birth, but also His coming into our hearts and His promise to come again. This is a season of great hope and joy!

Here at Harbor Lights, we are celebrating the four themes of Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. We are taking the time each week to remember how blessed we are as His sons and daughters. We are choosing to recognize the love of God and apply it to our lives.  We are concentrating on how Christ, in His coming, brought each of us salvation, the most precious of gifts. Throughout this holiday season we have decided to meditate on the goodness of God, rather than just the commercialized version of Christmas that we are all familiar with.

The question is, will you join us?