Heart Check

Winter weather awakens me to realize that there is such a thing as a cold or hardened heart. In times such as this, where the maturing process of God is upon us, our old ways can become just routine ways of doing life. In these times our hearts cry out for fresh fire, fresh wind, living water to come and fill us again.

With these desires and heart felt needs, we cry out to our God with intensity recognizing our desperate need for Him. We are totally at His mercy as we sit at His feet. The Bible tells us in the Psalms repeatedly that He hears those who call upon Him and gives heed to them.

Let us cry out! Let our hearts be filled! Let our requests be made known to Him to come revive us and refresh us and fill us again with life giving flow! We cry out: come Lord Jesus! The Spirit and the Bride say Come!

Maureen Haberstro