Genuine Christianity

As we have been focusing on the book of James, we’ve seen that it talks about practicing our faith each day. When we go through trials, we are to pray and ask God for the wisdom to walk them out; because He has all the answers. James directs us to keep the law of love and to serve others. We should be doing this no matter what it looks like. James also points out that we should be watching our tongues, as we are ultimately responsible and will be called to account for the words that come out of our mouths.  The book then calls us to submit to Christ in everything we do and to resist the devil. These are basic things that should be a part of our daily lives as Christians.

We are all human. We have all fallen short of the Kingdom of God, but by Christ and His salvation we are able to enter in. In Philippians 2:12 it says to “work out your salvation”. Just because we have been saved doesn’t mean that we have arrived. We are far from perfect, but we need to practice our faith. We need to be seeking Him for ways to put our faith into action, because faith without works is dead.

Our personal walk with Christ is never cut and dry. It doesn’t look the same from person to person. We are all unique and have our own journey of faith to walk out with Him. What James is challenging us to do is to be real about it and to follow Christ’s commands as best as we can. We all have our challenges, not one of us is exempt from trial. But we, as Christians, should be leaning on Christ, His Word and His Body. We should be seeking Him in everything, not taking a poll to see what others think we should do. We’re not called to do what feels or sounds good at the time. We are instructed to do what God has asked us to in His Word.

As we study the book of James, we are confronted with the challenge to practice genuine Christianity. Genuine faith transforms lives. God calls us to be people who seek heavenly wisdom, not earthly knowledge. When we really lean on and draw near to Him, He will give us the solution. When we trust Him, He won’t let us down. When we do what He is asking, we are practicing genuine Christianity.