Everyday Integrity

As men and women of God we are called to walk in integrity. We are to be in the world, but not of it. Why?

Integrity is one of the values of the Kingdom of God. The word integrity means without moral rot or corruption. Proverbs implies that a man is known by his integrity. This simply means that what a man is under pressure, is what he is in the rest of his life.  Integrity speaks of what we are on the inside, before God, and what we are under pressure before people. So, if we are walking in the Kingdom lifestyle, then it means that we act the same under pressure as we do under ordinary circumstances. It speaks of our consistency, loyalty and commitment to Christ.

One of the greatest examples of this in Scripture was Job. Throughout all the trials and tribulations, throughout all the pain and suffering, Job remained full of integrity and righteousness before the Lord. He was the same behind closed doors as he was out in public. He never wavered. No matter the temptations of the enemy, the mocking and misunderstanding of his friends and family, Job remained faithful and full of everyday integrity.

This is what we are called to be.