June means we have reached the half way mark through this year. It brings green grass, leafy trees, new flower blooms, outdoor activities, just to mention a few of the perks. June brings the end of one school year with a sense of completion, heading into a few weeks rest. It almost seems like we turn the page from the previous season to the next.

Spiritually, we pause to review where we have been and where we are going. So where have we been? We have been in a place of quietness and solitude. We have been in a place of searching our hearts, renewing our strength, and listening to what the Father would say to us. We have been reading more, reflecting on our families more, catching up on things that were waiting for our attention.

Where are we going? We are heading into the new. We are focusing on the things we received and learned from this past few months. We are resetting, renewing, reviewing for forward momentum. We are bringing fresh joy, fresh hope to those around us. We are releasing thankfulness for those who we took for granted before. We are walking in steps never understood before: we are at the crossroads.

Maureen Haberstro