What’s in Your DNA?

Before coming on staff at Harbor Lights Fellowship, I had an interesting job working for a Citizen’s Rights Committee in the City of Buffalo. It was certainly a challenging job representing the disenfranchised of our city, learning how to stand as a Christian, holding up our value’s in a politically correct world.

This morning as I was getting ready come to the office, the Lord reminded me of a conversation that I had with a member of the GLBT community. In our conversation, the person said, “This is who I am, it’s in my DNA, I can’t be anything but who I am, I take me wherever I am and I live from out of that place.” It seemed funny to me because I hadn’t challenged this person about their lifestyle in any way and while I don’t agree that lifestyle is biblical, I heard the Holy Spirit in this statement challenging me. “If people who don’t know me and don’t carry truth can live their life with such conviction, tenacity, with no apology about who they are, what about you? What about the church? What if My people really believed that I was their DNA and took the healing, grace and love of my Son everywhere, in every situation, because you can’t help being a Jesus person – what would that look like, how would that change things?” I sat at my desk and realized that as a Jesus person, I can live with the same tenacity – I can’t help it – it’s who I am.

Yesterday I attended my yearly Cousins Christmas Party. We haven’t been a very together family but a group of us have been dedicated to sort of “repairing the breach” made by our parents who didn’t always get along. We’ve found each other to be really nice people – we are all very different. One of my cousins recently visited a country where there have been religious apparitions occurring and expressed her disdain at the tenacity by which some people seem to run after such things. I was listening intently, mostly trying to discern what the Holy Spirit was saying during this conversation – not looking to argue about the validity of such things – but Jesus, where are you in this conversation. My cousin had attended a service where there was “laying on of hands” for the sick and she was deeply touched by the Presence of Jesus! She said she had to sit down and people told her that her facing was “glowing”. She shared how the experience frightened her, but yet she felt years of pain over divorce, loss of loved ones and just the brokenness of being human in a fallen world being lifted off of her shoulders. And then it happened – I couldn’t help being who I am – I had to stop the conversation she was having with the group because Jesus had something to say to her. I began to prophecy over her as the rest of my family sat there stunned. I couldn’t stop it, nor did I want to – I was being who Jesus created me to be and delivering love and grace to a hurting family member. It changed the whole tone of the party to one of awe and reverence for the One whose birthday we were celebrating. It brought us all closer.

We are in a season where people can be a little more vulnerable, a little more open and if you stop and listen for that still small voice in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, you’ll hear Him speaking, it’s your DNA.

by Associate Pastor Jan Popielski