This month we are all gearing up for Christmas day. We are looking forward to time together with loved ones. Our traditions carry us year to year with countless tasks of preparation for this one day. In our hearts we can feel the demands of time, finances and relational pressures.It is in this atmosphere that we must take the time to stop and refocus on the Lord of our lives. 
It is, afterall, about His first coming in human form to earth. It is great to celebrate the momentous event. As believers, we must remember all this means in our daily walk all year long.He came to give us grace, peace, joy, and show His deepest love for us. 
 Let us come and adore Him openly  and thankfully for all He has done, all He is doing and all He is about to do, keeping our eyes upon Him. To Him be all the glory, Honor and Praise forever and ever!

Maureen Haberstro